Earliest use of the hamsa can be traced to ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). However since then it has become a universal sign of protection. It has been used to represent the Hand of Venus, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Fatima, Jewish Kabbalistic symbology and in the Buddha's gesture of teaching and protection. The hand is significant, because it is another example of humanities shared belief in protection, righteousness and defending others. These are stalwart universal traits we all believe in, and this hand demonstrates our shared commitment to that. 

The hand is perfect for those with a minimalistic taste. It is a beautiful simple black and white with a matt vinyl finish giving it that luxurious feel. The matt coating and monochrome finish makes it seem as if its almost engraved into the laptop. It is decorated with intricate Zalij geometry spilling from the lit Apple logo centre. 


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Key features

  • Concept by BENI & brought to life by Meryem Meg (See www.meryemmeg.com)

  • Will fit any 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook. Fits on all similar-sized laptops. Can be stuck to any smooth surface including metal, windows, walls, cars, tables, and much more.

  • Made from special EasyStick vinyl that does does not leave any residue upon removal and enables easy application.

  • Environmentally friendly, hassle-free packaging: this vinyl sticker is shipped in recycled envelopes with no plastic packaging at all.

This sticker is made of one layer of repositionable vinyl. Check out the details below for the full specifications:

  • Vinyl face film: Calendered PVC

  • Laminate face film: Monomeric calendered PVC

  • Gauge: 120 micron nominal

  • Double PE coating

  • Semi-permanent adhesive

  • Outdoor durability up to 3 years

  • Service temperature: -50°C to +80°C