Chouen is inspired by the Northern town of Chefchouen in Morocco. It draws on the royal blues and turquoise that is typical of the beautiful hill-side city. It is off-set with small rich emerald stars that outline the body of the vinyl converging to the middle which is a warm golden glow. 

Please note this decal comes without any Apple logo cutout.

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Key features

  • Concept by BENI & Design by Meryem Meg (See

  • Will fit any 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook. Fits on all similar-sized laptops. Can be stuck to any smooth surface including metal, windows, walls, cars, tables, and much more.

  • Made from special EasyStick vinyl that does does not leave any residue upon removal and enables easy application.

  • Environmentally friendly, hassle-free packaging: this vinyl sticker is shipped in recycled envelopes with no plastic packaging at all.

Full specifications:

  • Vinyl face film: Calendered PVC

  • Laminate face film: Monomeric calendered PVC

  • Gauge: 120 micron nominal

  • Double PE coating

  • Semi-permanent adhesive

  • Outdoor durability up to 3 years

  • Service temperature: -50°C to +80°C