bRUNCH IS A CULTURE HERE. ITS TAKEN SERIOUSLY, SO DON'T YOU DARE WASTE A MEAL ON ANYTHING SUB PAR. THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE CRIME. LUCKILY FOR YOU WE GOT YOUR BACK. make sure you're prepared on weekends, queues are likely but you'll soon find out that our suggestions are worth the wait. its hard to whittle down so many places, but we've provided three very different suggestions to crave your needs. if you want the full breakdown make sure you check out our berlin map, then you'll be sorted forever and ever. happy brunching, send us some blessings after you've taken your first bite! you're very welcome!



You don’t have to pretend to us that don’t you love a good instagram food picture. We get it.  The most instagrammable cafè in Berlin is Roamers, it's tiny but what they’ve done with the space is stunning. The food here rustic, great portion sizes and it ticks every taste test. It straddles a fine line between beautiful bohemian and overwhelmingly hipster,  it wholly depends on where you’re situated on that line. We friggen love it. If not for the food come for the waiters exceptional beard that leaves men envious and women swooning. Expect a bit of a queue.. 

AVG SPEND: €8 a tray


Fancy politics with your breakfast? As well as having one of the creamiest hummus' in town Kanaan is also an ambassador for the middle east peace process. It boasts two young co-founders one Palestinian and the other Israeli. They’ll charmingly describe their unique array of vegetarian ME dishes. It's important to support good people with good ethics. Undo your trouser button and order Iraqi Sabikh, a puff pastry flatbread with aubergine and boiled eggs lathered in sharp tahini sauce, mango puree and spices. Their falafel is completely different, a family recipe. They tell me they hand grind the ingredients for a more rustic less industrial falafel and we appreciate the extra effort put in because you can really taste the difference. 

AVG. SPEND: €7 a plate


Typical of our generation is a focus on healthy superfoods that are engineered to give your body exactly what it needs. DALUMA is the new kid on the block creating some of the tastiest and healthiest concoctions. It's pricey for Berlin standards, but we all have those days we need to eat something that makes us feel lighter and guilt-free as supposed to lethargic and heavy. Whether it's acai bowls, chia pudding or funky power salads grab yourself a perfect bowl to start your day with. Just ignore the pretentious hipsters around you, and down that turmeric, honey and ginger power shot. 

AVG. SPEND: €8 a bowl