We want a #Class of Unlimited Potential

BENI is a unique space for the modern creative entrepreneur who has captured their generation's zeitgeist. We experiment, collaborate and devise ways to influence culture through contemporary aesthetics. Join our curated global community of artists, creatives, filmmakers and cultural leaders to benefit from: 

Community Collaboration

Commercial Opportunities

Cultural Hub


Community Collaboration



Join our global community of artists, designers, photographers, creatives,  filmmakers and cultural leaders to get involved in collaborative projects, on our channels and across the social web.



Commercial Opportunities

Free to do what you love. 


Access ongoing brand collaborations and relevant commercial projects with our brand partners. We’ve produced creator-powered content initiatives with some of the world’s leading brands.



The Cultural Hub

Free Space for Creators.


Our community. We’ve rethought life and work with our co-working lounge, café, and on-going cultural experiences.