Warm vinyl for the warm hearted. A golden sandy yellow is 

the main theme for this vinyl, completely offsetting the 

cold Macbook silver. The earthy feel and look of the vinyl 

is inevitably going to catch people's attention.

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Key features

  • Concept by BENI & Design by Meryem Meg (See

  • Will fit any 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook. Fits on all similar-sized laptops. Can be stuck to any smooth surface including metal, windows, walls, cars, tables, and much more.

  • Made from special EasyStick vinyl that does does not leave any residue upon removal and enables easy application.

  • Environmentally friendly, hassle-free packaging: this vinyl sticker is shipped in recycled envelopes with no plastic packaging at all.

This sticker is made of one layer of repositionable vinyl. Check out the details below for the full specifications:

  • Vinyl face film: Calendered PVC

  • Laminate face film: Monomeric calendered PVC

  • Gauge: 120 micron nominal

  • Double PE coating

  • Semi-permanent adhesive

  • Outdoor durability up to 3 years

  • Service temperature: -50°C to +80°C